A multi-disciplinary
of innovative
and creative
problem solvers.

CHPA is an award-winning practice offering services in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, interior design, and project management.

The practice was established in 1992 by three principal architects: Philip Craven, Ryan Huston, and Robert Powers. Alvin Bartel joined the practice in 2004, Justin Dyck in 2016, and Philip Craven and Rob Powers have since retired from partnership but remain involved in the company’s operations.
Each principal has brought a unique approach to the practice through a wide spectrum of experience that was gained through previous professional affiliations. Specifically, the practice has gained over 90 years of collective experience in the planning, design and construction of institutional, residential and landscape architectural projects.
Since 1992 CHPA has demonstrated a unique ability to infuse balance, interest and distinctive design into every commission accepted. The practice does not follow any repetitive design path of philosophy that would stifle a sense of individual response to a design solution. 
Following an understanding of budgetary constraints and other influences, each project is planned and designed to promote a sense of uniqueness and delight and to also create a strong bond of the built form to the site while optimizing all input values of the client and related user groups. We consider that this approach results in a design that unfolds in both a logical and functional manner.
CHPA also believes in the use of environmentally friendly materials within the parameters and control of life cycle costs and building maintenance, and works with all consultants to ensure energy efficiency for both operating and maintaining the completed facility.