Abbotsford Middle School

Based on a School District wide reorientation of prioritization, the new Abbotsford Middle School is a revolutionary concept that attracts the student body back to the “inner city” school. Offering expanded physical education, first nations and special education programs in the heart of Abbotsford, this school emphasizes instructional technology as it leads to industrial education as a feeder school to a revitalized shop program offered at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School. Designed for six hundred grades 6, 7 and 8 students, Craven Huston Powers Architects brought the School District’s vision to reality on time and under budget.

A key generating architectural idea is the establishment of a school within a school “pod concept” where students are grouped in areas according to grade. Elective and common spaces act as an adjunct to these pods.

Architecturally, the School District was searching for a singularly unique structure; a building that acts as the centerpiece of this community and helps attract and foster a student body that is proud of the new facility. Emphasis is placed on the use of steel, glass, concrete and wood in a building that serves to educate its inhabitants should they be interested in its construction and function.

Team Members on Project:

School District No.34 (Abbotsford) 33231 Bevan, Abbotsford, BC Complete 2007 $18,000,000 5,500 s.m. (59,203 s.f.) Academic, Institutional