Emerson Place

Emerson Place is a new commercial office building located off South Fraser way in an area of renewal adjacent to a variety of recently constructed contemporary office and retail buildings. The owner required a high quality office atmosphere for the staff and volunteers that regularly work in the building and an appropriate headquarters for the organization.

The building incorporates an exposed heavy timber floor and roof system, which is expressed throughout the interior and the exterior with the detailing of sun louvers, angled timber posts, exposed wood deck soffits and large timber beams. A sloped linear incision is made within the roof to provide a green roof and terrace with views onto Mount Baker. As a celebration of the West Coast’s high precipitation, all roof water run-off is directed through the green roof and off the rear of the building in a single spout, free-falling into the landscape below. The exterior cladding consists of masonry and a variety of metal products including a multi-tone mosaic of metal panels to provide a modern and playful wrapping over the more classical timber structure.

Team Members on Project:

Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches 2771 Emerson Street. Abbotsford BC Building Permit Review 2014 $7,000,000 1860 s.m. (20,000 s.f.) over 1 level underground parking Commercial