Esquimalt Children’s Park

Working with the Township of Esquimalt, an active recreational park has been created to serve groups of children, teenagers and adults. This park is located in the civic centre area of the township and adjacent to the recreation centre, sports field, ice arena, city hall, and major commercial district. Though planning and public process, it creates an active recreational park to serve groups of children, teenagers and adults. The park provides playgrounds for two age groups (2 -5 year and 6-12 year), 3-bay spray park, outdoor fitness area for adults and seniors, picnic area with sunshade, and 420 sq.ft. washroom/change room.

In addition, various storm water and waste water management practices have been applied in overall landscape design. Waste water from spray park and storm water of hardscape area and the roof of the washroom building run through a rain garden and are stored in the underground tank for irrigation use before it is discharged into the municipal system. Furthermore, illuminating spray features and soft landscape lighting creates an animated space in the evening.



Team Members on Project:

Township of Esquimalt Esquimalt, BC Complete $1,800,000 1.5 acre Cultural, Landscape