Firhill Park

Ribbon of Time
The concept “Ribbon of Time” was derived from the existence of a magnificent glacier erratic on site which has been long standing since the origin and the evolution of human kind. Both the lone rock and tree are situated at the highest point of the west plateau in Abbotsford. No records and evidences show that this rock has any cultural heritage associated with the Aboriginal people in Abbotsford nor the Fraser Valley, however, the predominant presence of this natural element places us in a moment to think about time, ultimate human reality, the natural landscape of the Fraser Valley and its transition from past, present, and towards its future. This short moment on site became the reason for the design and landscape form of the park.

A curvilinear concrete wall is introduced as a form of ribbon wrapping around the existing rock and the tree as an integrated landform. This unraveled ribbon begins to reveal “Time” allowing one to question the relationship between the rock and its surrounding landscape. The proposed landform minimizes drastically altering the site, rather it takes advantage of the natural topography to create two lookout places. The lower viewing area sits directly under the 5 metre high north face, showcasing the grandeur of this landscape element. A sheet of rusted red corten steel on the concrete wall is inscribed with the interpretive information about Sumas Lake, glaciers, and landforms that are formed by glacial events. The upper lookout at the highest point of the park provides a panoramic view towards the North-Shore Mountains and Fraser River as well as south-east views of Mount Baker. In addition to the lookouts the park is supplemented with amenities such as a picnic area, gravel pathway, grass meadow and lawn area for passive recreation.

City of Abbotsford Abbotsford, BC Concept 2015 1 acre Cultural, Landscape