Godson Elementary School Courtyard

An existing courtyard was dated and had problems with overgrowing trees and shrubs. The cracked sidewalk concrete had heaved out of place from tree roots, creating a potential trip hazard to children.

To reduce construction difficulties and cost, existing concrete paving in good condition was kept while new landscape stripes are introduced following patterns of damaged concrete sidewalk and creating maze-like pathways to the centre of the courtyard.

Outdoor chairs and tables are located in the centre for eating and gathering of students and teachers. In addition, places for outdoor class are defined with ornamental gravel and concrete blocks for sitting at the north of the courtyard. For landscape planting, low growing shrubs and ground covers are mainly used with a few selective small trees.

Team Members on Project:

School District No. 34 (Abbotsford) Abbotsford Design Development Summer 2015 $40,000 5,000 s.f. Academic, Landscape