International Friendship Garden

The International Friendship Garden was initiated by Abbotsford’s Sister-city Committee to celebrate the City’s long term relationship with the City of Fukugawa, Japan and promote cultural diversity in the community. To make this happen, citizens of Abbotsford and many of the local businesses kindly donated their labor and materials. CHP Architects was commissioned to design the garden by extracting a sense of the Japanese garden and interpreting it into contemporary forms. The twisting shape of the main entry structure was borrowed from a flying kite and a 2.7m high waterfall cascades from the upper to the lower pond. Submerging steps show a gesture to bring people closer to the water. The main plaza area in the lower level was designed for both public and private uses.

Team Members on Project:

City of Abbotsford Abbotsford, BC 2009 $1,500,000 1 Acre Cultural, Landscape