Marshall Road Residences

Marshall Road Residences is a new assisted living and licensed care complex for adults with mental health challenges. The mix of assisted living and licensed care provides unique challenges in separating and securing the different tenants with unique needs while sharing points of access, circulation and some common amenities such as the kitchen and fitness room. Each floor is considered a separate ‘neighborhood’ with a collection of suites opening onto outdoor amenity spaces.

The client group included BC Housing, Fraser Health and the non-profit MPA society, each with their own standards and requirements to be incorporated into the project. The project site area was constrained for the number of suites to be placed and a central challenge for the group was to provide both assisted living and licensed care within a single building but as two completely separate programs with separate access and functional needs. The challenge was resolved thorough many client brainstorming meetings and solutions included a shared reception entry area, with programmable hardware allowing respective access to separate wings for the different levels of care.

BC Housing, Fraser Health Abbotsford, BC Complete 2016 $4m 2787 s.m. (30,000 s.f.) Health Care, Residential