Minnekhada Middle School

Minnekhada Middle School’s 21st century learning features were customized to the School District staff, administrators and students after an extensive series of design collaborations. The spatial configuration provides break-out flexible collaborative areas in the core of the building rather than dividing the school into smaller learning pods. Through our working groups with educators the preference was to have the flexibility to open classrooms onto the main commons but still allow the option for teachers to close off classrooms when necessary. The form and ‘Parti’ of the building is an upward thrust or breaking through motion similar to a sprout breaking through the soil exemplary of the middle school age group. The roof lines thrust upward at various angles towards the core of the school to express this potion.

Coquitlam School District Coquitlam, BC Construction 25,600,000 8, 250 s.m. Institutional, Interior Design, Landscape