Mt. Lehman Cemetery

Mt. Lehman Cemetery is located in the 29000 block of Taylor Road in Mt. Lehman, a historic farming community in the Fraser Valley. The cemetery has strong roots to this community as a resting place for those loved and beloved in the community since the 1880s, however, it is nearing capacity and requires expansion. CHP Architects was commissioned to examine the expansion options including full-body burial as well as alternate burial options for cremated remains.

Working with the City’s Parks, Recreation & Culture Department and Engineering Department, road closure and the inclusion of an adjacent lot to the cemetery were made. Proposed design includes:
– Expansion of traditional burial plots (double in number)
– 246 Niches
– Scattering garden with a granite pillow
– Rain garden utilizing stormwater
– Gates and entry features
– Decorative fence
– Enclosed soil storage area
– Gravel parking lot

An existing old heritage building and used shelter for rail conductor have been retained and incorporated into landscape design of scattering garden. Construction is expected to be complete in spring 2016, and upon completion the cemetery will continuously serve the community.

Team Members on Project:

City of Abbotsford Abbotsford, BC Under Construction 2016 $250,000 Cultural, Landscape