Robert Bateman Secondary School Landscape

Existing student gathering area  is located in the back of the main building and is underutilized due to lack of seating, overgrown plants, and deterioration of old paving materials. The landscape division of CHP Architects was commissioned to recreate this area into multi-layered, expandable, and programmable place for student gathering and outdoor classroom. The amphitheater in the middle plays as a place for outdoor class and performance. Grass area with brick seat walls become a place for students and staff to sit and enjoy conversations and sun as well as paved, flat and open area to provide a place for gathering and play. Each of the three zones is designed for its own function but can become one for bigger events and functions

Team Members on Project:

School District No.34 (Abbotsford) Abbotsford, BC Construction 2014 0.1 Million Academic, Landscape