South Delta Secondary School Theatre Entrance

As part of an ongoing seismic improvement, the South Delta School District tasked CHPA with the transformation of the South entry into a featured entry and gathering area for the Theatre program.

The proposal introduces two self supporting curved metal entry roofs and a radial site layout with stepped seating focused on the plaza center. The canopies provide an easily identifiable theatre entrance in a playful manner when performances are held. The landscaped plaza provides a gathering place before and after shows while the radial focus on the centre plaza provides a casual outdoor performance area with seating in the landscape. The plaza is adjacent to the school cafeteria and doubles in function as an outdoor eating and gathering area for the students during school hours.

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South Delta Secondary School Interior Breezeway
South Delta Secondary School Entrance Improvements

School District No. 37 Delta, BC Completed 2014 Academic, Institutional, Renovation