University of the Fraser Valley Agricultural Centre of Excellence

The Agricultural Centre of Excellence was developed in partnership between Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation and the University of the Fraser Valley to provide infrastructure for high level agricultural post secondary education and research in an area with a significant history in farming.

The research barn provides both warm and cold environments to house a vast range of animal species and specialized equipment for the agricultural sector. The facility design includes in-slab radiant heating and low level passive ventilation combined with a tall main corridor for controlled stack ventilation of the animal stalls. Infrastructure has been put in place to collect and store rain-water from the roof surfaces to irrigate both the plants within the greenhouse and the experimental fields to the South.

The building massing includes a raised loft level to house all building equipment above flood plain levels and to vertically accentuate the main foyer, which will serve as a display and learning space. The building shape incorporates traditional references to historical agricultural structures while employing modern metal cladding and storefront glazing suiting a modern research and campus setting.

Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation & University of the Fraser Valley UFV Chilliwack CEP Campus Complete 2014 $2,000,000 790 s.m. (8,500 s.f.) Research barn. 827 s.m. (8900 s.f.) Greenhouses Academic, Institutional, Masterplanning