Hendrick Colour

Hendrick Guliker

Intern Architect

The circuitous route leading Hendrick to CHP began with his keen concern for what things look like. This, and joy experienced from the physical act of creation have driven most of his life choices. From high school art class, to undergraduate education at UFV in geography and visual arts, to studying Industrial Design at Emily Carr University, culminating with a Master in Architecture at UBC, Hendrick has been cultivating a keen eye for “good design”. Throughout it all he’s stayed grounded, never cutting his ties to the family farm. As artist, designer, woodworker, farmer, teacher, trucker and gardener, his life experience provides both a pragmatic design solution that still have a good dose of flair. And every year, he produces enough lemons to feed a family.


M.Arch. University of British Columbia
B.A. University of the Fraser Valley

Professional Affiliations:

Commitee Member of the Chilliwack Design Advisory Panel

Employment Summary:

2017-Present CHP Architects