Jenn Wall

Jenn Wall

Intern Landscape Architect
BCSLA Intern, M.L.A.

Jenn completed her B.A. in Geography in 2005 and knew she wanted to pursue further education that built on her undergraduate foundation. Upon the completion of her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture, she was able to work two years in residential design and install. This was an excellent starting point in her career as it provided hands on experience from initial client consultation to project completion. The greatest asset she has carried forward from this time is a solid understanding of successful plant material that works well in the Lower Mainland. Her time at Craven Huston Powers Architects has increased her repertoire of projects from irrigated sand-based playfields, to schoolyards, parks, and townhouse complexes. Her goal is to always create outdoor environments that people are drawn to and can immerse themselves in, all the while sustaining the functionality of the space.


Masters of Landscape Architecture, 2010 – University of Manitoba
Bachelor of Arts (Geography), Dean’s List, 2005 – University College of the Fraser Valley

Professional Affiliations:

Intern Member, British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects

Employment Summary:

2012 – Present, Intern Landscape Architect, Craven / Huston / Powers Architects
2010-2012, Focal Point Landscape Design